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Reseller Discounts

Offer your customers something the competition isn't.

Radwell International, Inc. is looking to build on its network of qualified Repair, New Product and Surplus distributors worldwide seeking an avenue for additional revenues and opportunities with end users. Qualified distributors who supply industrial goods and services should apply. Radwell International can assist with sales support including joint visits and marketing presentations. We educate our distributor partners in handling Repairs and the Repair process, New Product Sales and Surplus Sales without contract fees or hidden costs. Distributor discounts available based on volume.

Repair Distributors
We are one of the largest Repair Centers in the world for Industrial Automation Equipment.
As a Repair Distributor receive items for repair directly from end-users and agree to forward the
items to Radwell International/PLCCenter. We agree to apply a substantial discount to our Repair list price and
invoice you directly. Then you invoice end-users directly at their own negotiated price.

Surplus Products
Over 8 million individual New and Reconditioned industrial electronic products from 1950 to 2016. These products
sell for half factory value. As a Reconditioned / Surplus Reseller you may be eligible for a Resale Discount based on your overall volume.

New Product
Do your customers' needs cover multiple manufacturers? Then become a New Product Distributor
for Radwell International. We sell over 20,000 manufacturers' items at wholesale prices. Cut costs by combining orders on one PO and save with a Distributor Discount.

To apply, email: