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"Everything has gone smooth so far. I appreciate the quick response time."
AARON, ID, United States - 5/26/2016
"You guys are great. Thanks so much for your time."
DOUG, IN, United States - 5/24/2016
"I surfed the Web many hours, called many companies to just find someone with component experience,but there was no one. I don't know how I found your site but when I did I stood up and yelled with excitement! Great communication, service, with reasonable pricing! There is even a branch in my home state of Indiana. Much appreciated!"
DANIEL, IN, United States - 5/24/2016
"I like the snap program it seems to being working very well!"
JOHN, NV, United States - 5/23/2016
"Many thanks for all of your help in this matter. The quotation came through much quicker than I ever would have imagined. Kind Regards, Kevin."
Kevin - 5/17/2016
"Alex was very helpful."
Bill - 5/12/2016
"Awesome prices especially when the clients can't find parts anymore you can always find them at PLC Center."
Cathy, - 5/11/2016
"Keep doing what you are doing as long as everyone is like the folks I work with(Max T, Jonathan S, Kimberly R, George H)"
COYTE, OK, United States - 5/11/2016
"Paolo has been excellent at supplying timely quotes. His support has been greatly appreciated. "
Stuart, ON - 5/9/2016
"Very prompt and nice approach. Thank you!"
Mihai - 5/6/2016
"All aspects of service very good."
Donna, Kent - 5/5/2016
"I have been dealing with Lynn for many years, she provides professional customer care always and is a pleasure to deal with. Pricing is very competitive and inventory levels high. Radwell is a go to company!"
MICHAEL, IL, United States - 5/5/2016
"Brian, So far, so good! "
LARS, PA, United States - 5/5/2016
"Radwell's helped me out numerous times. Great service."
Janice, BC - 5/4/2016
"Great customer service! Thanks Chris!"
Megie, FL, United States - 5/4/2016
"Keep up the excellent service. Louise is a pleasure to deal with."
Paul, - 5/4/2016
"Excellent support"
LFOUNDRY - 5/4/2016
"Appreciate your sales, pricing and service."
Bishan. - 5/4/2016
"Keep up the good service"
Alison - 5/4/2016
"Keep it like this!!!"
João - 5/4/2016
"Adam White is an exceptional CSR and is the only one that I will deal with. I would like you to personally thank him for me for his dedication, quick response to my emails and friendly demeanor. He is a pleasure to do business with, and he is one of the reasons that I keep ordering from you."
Tammy, AB - 5/3/2016
"Keep up the good work."
TODD, NH, United States - 5/3/2016
"Really great feeling when receive kind and prompt service "
Premadasa, - 5/3/2016
"Keep up the good work!"
BILL, TX, United States - 5/2/2016
"How could I suggest anything to improve upon? Joel has been spot on with response to my requests. If anything, I haven't compared costs. I usually go with what Joel sends. "
WILFREDO, TX, United States - 4/28/2016
"George has and is always very professional every time I talk to him."
KURT, NC, United States - 4/28/2016
"Keep up the great job and fast service! Awesome customer service!"
BILL, PA, United States - 4/26/2016
" The services and process as a whole is more than acceptable, and is the exact reason you replaced my previous repair provider. "
BILL, TN, United States - 4/26/2016
"Good Work, Keep it up. "
Abdul - 4/25/2016
"Keep up the good work!"
RANDI, UT, United States - 4/22/2016
"Keep up with the good and excellent work providing us as your customer with our need. Thanks "
JOE, PA, United States - 4/22/2016
JENNIFER, TN, United States - 4/20/2016
"Thanks very much! Great prices and fastercontact! Really Nice and Friendly! Big Up to your company!"
Nuno - 4/18/2016
"Hi, One suggestion. Give Louise a pay increase. Very professional and prompt service. Does her best to help out. Regards Tommy "
Tommy - 4/15/2016
"Great repair capability for legacy circuit cards, and fast turn around time, excellent."
JOSEPH , NC, United States - 4/14/2016
"Great customer service "
Magen, FL, United States - 4/14/2016
"Continuar con este excelente servicio..Continue with the excellent service."
ESTEBAN, , Colombia - 4/13/2016
"First time for using SNAP. It worked very well. Thank you!"
LARRY, MI, United States - 4/11/2016
"I work with George and he provides excellent, prompt and friendly service -always. Thank you Radwell for being an awesome and easy company to work with. :-) Have a great weekend."
JULIE, NC, United States - 4/8/2016
"I've only dealt with one customer rep and Cameron has responded extremely well. This is exactly why I came back to Radwell for supply. And in the particular for these items, I did not go to my primary supplier. just to Radwell."
Gord, ON - 4/7/2016
"I have just received a dedicated online sales rep, Peggy. She has been very helpful so far. My local sales rep, Paul is a great guy and has been extremely helpful as well. I'm looking forward to working with both Peggy and Paul. "
LIZ, WI, United States - 4/5/2016
"I used your comany several years ago when our company was in a bind. You just bailed us out again! Thanks Joel for the fantastic service. Stan "
CHARLEY, MD, United States - 4/4/2016
"We are getting always nice Support from Daniel. Thank you Daniel for having with us. "
SATISH - 4/4/2016
"Not really any suggestions but a massive thank you to Paul. I had an urgent order from one of our customers on the 3rd April and Paul was absolutely brilliant in helping me out and making sure everything was sorted and sent out to them. Thanks again, Daniel "
Daniel - 4/3/2016
"Pam was very helpful thank you."
JENNY - 4/1/2016
"Excellent customer support on the phone. Very helpful and hard working. My support rep was Cameron Aubert. "
JASON, ON - 4/1/2016
"Toni was very helpful and provided an excellent service for the very urgent part we required from the States for Saturday."
Lee - 3/31/2016
"Thank you, I will be a repeat customer!"
JOHN, CO, United States - 3/31/2016
"Radwell is certainly one of my favorite suppliers to deal with. Keep up the great work!"
Adam, ON - 3/30/2016