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"Felicity is indeed very professional and helpful."
Neda - 1/28/2015
"Very happy with the service !!"
Glen - 1/28/2015
"I could not ask for better response, Joel has been very quick in responding to my requests. I know that once I pass on my request for a PO from my customer, it seems to take a while for them to decide. Thanks so much for your being there, especially for items that seem so far out of reach. "
"I spoke to Felicity who was very helpful and polite. Which is very rare these days!"
Tim - 1/27/2015
"Adam is always good and gets back to me quickly. Pricing is always better than most. Cheers!"
Shane, ON - 1/27/2015
CARL, QC - 1/23/2015
"Love using you guys! Fast and friendly service, Stephanie and Marcus are always available to help! Thanks! "
Bret, ON - 1/22/2015
"I have had great support from the Radwell group in dealing with my requests and orders."
Dale, BC - 1/22/2015
"So far cooperation is excellent. I don't have any complains."
Mario - 1/21/2015
"Dropped off units for repair at the NJ facility. Everyone was helpful and polite. The Tech that meet me in the lobby was great, helpful and polite. Response was same day and even called to get the CC info before I could read the Repair Quote. LOVE pro-active customer service!!! Excellent!!"
JOHN, PA, United States - 1/20/2015
"Awesome technical support. What we were after was no longer available, but the sales rep made excellent suggestions for substitutes."
Robert, Ontario - 1/20/2015
"Great customer service. Keep up the good work."
BRENDA, TX, United States - 1/20/2015
"Very satisfied !"
DAVE, OH, United States - 1/15/2015
"Thank-you Cameron for providing us with excellent service, your timely responses are greatly appreciated."
ANGEL, ON - 1/15/2015
RICK, IL, United States - 1/14/2015
"Everything is excellent."
GABBY, IL, United States - 1/14/2015
"Service is excellent."
Dave, MB - 1/14/2015
"You have a great system/service for those of us in the field. I thank you for your help."
PAUL, AZ, United States - 1/14/2015
"Perfect, Thank you . "
Anne - 1/14/2015
"Very good and helpful"
John - 1/13/2015
"I was dealing with Felicity for my order. She was brilliant, nothing was any trouble to her."
D murrphy, - 1/13/2015
"Paolo's quotation for valves was better than from another supplier who beat your pricing on the water separator by a wide margin. Whatever the price Paolo is always fast, efficient and good on the phone."
Paul, ON - 1/12/2015
"Things are good!"
DAVID, NY, United States - 1/12/2015
"Rob was very easy to talk to and work with. Within minutes he had my quote ready and emailed to me to present to my purchasing department. Appreciated very much his sales manner and efficiency. Thank you!"
JIM, OH, United States - 1/12/2015
"Our outside sales rep, Mackenzie is EXCELLENT!! She always contacts us to see if there is anything she can do to help us out. Thanks"
GARY, WI, United States - 1/9/2015
"Enjoy your site. "
City Of Boise, Public Works, Lander St., ID, United States - 1/8/2015
"I have dealt with Radwell for about a year- first with Shane and recently with Cameron. I have always gotten excellent service from both of these sales representatives. I get very prompt responses, and they are very knowledgeable. Because of the great service I have gotten, Radwell is one of the companies I most prefer to deal with, and would select them over and above their competition whenever possible."
Stacey, AB - 1/8/2015
"I have only been dealing with Radwell for just a few itiems. Everybody has been treating us well with good service. Keep up the good work."
"Your service satisfied me,Thanks!"
ZHANG , China - 1/7/2015
"Promote Sebastian. You wont find many sales representatives like him."
Muhammad - 1/7/2015
"The service provide by our customer services contact, Maureen has been exemplary. She successfully sourced a business critical component from the USA during a challenging holiday period and kept us informed every step of the way. Excellent customer service skills meant that she kept me informed of any issues all hours of the day and night, including New Years’ eve and New Years’ day and I am delighted to say that we received the product today in time for installation this weekend. "
Andrea - 1/7/2015
"I appreciate your servie and committment to customer."
srihari, UK - 1/6/2015
"You're doing well, congratulations!!!!"
Carlos, Bolivia - 1/6/2015
"I know Matt. He is s a very kind and competent person! Best Regards Orla "
ORLA - 1/6/2015
"Matt promptly quoted an item that you had in-stock. His phone manner was very professional and friendly. Hang onto this guy !!"
JIM, United States - 12/23/2014
Henry, NM, United States - 12/23/2014
"James provided great Customer Service and precise information. the quote arrived very quickly and just as we had discussed on the telephone. Many thanks."
Gary, UK - 12/22/2014
"Very Impressed"
Ian - 12/22/2014
"The maintenance department of the Northern Navajo Medical Center, New Mexico would like to say thank you for the service and reliability of the repaired monitors."
FLOYD, NM, United States - 12/22/2014
"All services are good Wish you a Very Merry Christmas....."
Toshi - 12/19/2014
"I have had a few warranty issues were boards have been sent back. Believe me I really like doing business with you guys. You all handle everything in a far superior manner then anybody else I deal with. You guys have a great company and should be a model for how others do business. Thanks for being a great business partner."
FRANK, KY, United States - 12/19/2014
"Paolo was very help full in getting our problem solved."
Neil, ON - 12/19/2014
"Mattdoes a great job with all the stuff we ask of him. He is literally the reason we keep coming back. Happy Holidays "
TIM, WI, United States - 12/19/2014
"Very Happy with your service. I deal mostly with Mark and Matt in getting electronic items repaired for our production equipment. They serve me very well and the people that do the repairs obviously are very qualified. No issues here. Thanks You and have a Blessed Christmas. Cinram"
STEVE, AL, United States - 12/19/2014
"I have bought in PLC Center for many years and I am very pleased so far, thank you"
YOVANI, FL, United States - 12/19/2014
"Always get prompt and knowledgeable service. Thanks"
SCOTT, CA, United States - 12/18/2014
"Excellent service from Warren and Michael."
JOHN, NC, United States - 12/18/2014
"Nothing to suggest to improve..everyone has been great to work with. Merry Christmas.."
MIKE, WI, UNITED STATES - 12/18/2014
"We have greatly appreciated our service from Greg over the past year. The prices don't always work for us, but the service & shipping have been great on all of our orders. Thanks!"
"Christmas bonus for Patrick - he maintained a very good level of informative communication and ensured that our requirement and payment options were handled swiftly and expertly. Well Done!"
Jonathan - 12/16/2014