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"My experience with Radwell has been excellent so far, keep up the great work and great service!"
CHRIS, ON - 2/26/2015
"Mike M.is terrific to work with. Always very courteous and prompt...keep up the great work!!! "
"Could not ask for more than what Joel does for me. I can always count on him to come through. Keep up the good work. "
"Dean promptly came to my shop, observed the problem and left with my unit when I was still experiencing problems. He kept me updated and within two days the unit was on its way back to me. It works just great!! Now that is what I call top notch Customer Service. "
ROSS, TX, United States - 2/26/2015
"Keep up the good work !!"
Bob, MB - 2/25/2015
"The service was very good. Thanks for the help to Adam. "
Robb, NS - 2/24/2015
"Response with pricing was fast and the representative was friendly, explaining the rebuild program and answering all my questions."
JACK, AZ, United States - 2/24/2015
"Joel was Awesome!"
AMERICAN LEAK DETECTION, United States - 2/24/2015
"You folks must be proud to have a Sales person like Cameron. Very courteous and keeps constantly in touch. "
Lanston, ON - 2/23/2015
"It was a pleasure dealing with Ms. Peggy Dougherty when placing my order. Thank you the quick response."
Vinny, United States - 2/23/2015
"George does and outstanding job for me."
ROBBY/ H5-23176-P, NC, United States - 2/18/2015
"Everything was great. "
BRUCE, NJ, United States - 2/17/2015
CAMINO, URUGUAY - 2/17/2015
"I have never had a problem, even when I came to pick up a rush order. Everything turned out fine. Karl"
KARL, PA, United States - 2/16/2015
"This is the first time I have used your service. I was very pleased in placing my first order. No improvement needed at this time. "
DOUG, CT, United States - 2/13/2015
"This is the first time I have used your company.Couldn't get it anywhere for at least 4 or 5 days. Your sales rep Carly when the extra mile for us contacting your supplier and having it sent directly to our factory. Much appreciated Paul "
Paul - 2/13/2015
"You guys do an excellent job, thank you!"
ANTONIO, TX, United States - 2/13/2015
"Very happy with the service Cameron has provided."
Mike, NS - 2/11/2015
"George-great rep!"
NANCY, MI, United States - 2/11/2015
"Paul is awesome. Mr Poland keep up enormous customer service you are providing. Badonde!"
Jamie, UK - 2/11/2015
"Great Response to my enquiry, will certainly enquiry again. Many thanks Dave"
Dave - 2/10/2015
"Gescan uses Radwell Inc. regularly, great to access and have support without the time consumed at this branch searching for obsolete items and supply on our own."
Bernie, ON - 2/9/2015
"We always receive excellent service."
JOHN, NY, United States - 2/6/2015
"I have sent my thanks to Joel for his rapid response. Wayne"
WAYNE, KY, United States - 2/6/2015
"Plc center is awesome. Thank you."
MATT, MI, United States - 2/5/2015
"Kellen is GREAT to work with. Usually with in a minute or two he replies to my emails, which make my job a lot easier."
JEFF, CT, United States - 2/4/2015
"Very quick responce with the quote."
Donald, ON - 2/4/2015
"Emailing Customer Service and obtaining response feedback is prompt and excellent!"
MATTHEW, ON - 2/4/2015
"Thank you for providing such a super efficient service. I always get the information I ask for and your CSR's are always super efficient. Thank You."
SANDRA - 2/3/2015
"Continue providing the service you do, staff are always very helpful and thorough in the service they provide. Thanks"
Simon - 2/3/2015
"Just keep doing what you are doing well."
Roy, - 2/2/2015
"Louise was very helpful indeed and very fast also getting the information I needed back to me. Excellent... wish all of our suppliers were that fast in coming back to us. Will keep you in mind for future purchases. Great work Louise. "
Diane - 2/2/2015
"Thank you for your quick response. "
- 2/2/2015
"Thank you! Very pleasant experience with your rep. Thanks- Fred "
FRED, CA, United States - 1/30/2015
"Stephanie was great!"
Cor, BC - 1/29/2015
"Good job!"
PAUL, PA, United States - 1/29/2015
"Very happy with the service i have received. The online rep Carly was excellent. Very prompt with everything i asked for. Will use again in the future. "
Raymond - 1/29/2015
"Felicity is indeed very professional and helpful."
Neda - 1/28/2015
"Very happy with the service !!"
Glen - 1/28/2015
"I could not ask for better response, Joel has been very quick in responding to my requests. I know that once I pass on my request for a PO from my customer, it seems to take a while for them to decide. Thanks so much for your being there, especially for items that seem so far out of reach. "
"I spoke to Felicity who was very helpful and polite. Which is very rare these days!"
Tim - 1/27/2015
"Adam is always good and gets back to me quickly. Pricing is always better than most. Cheers!"
Shane, ON - 1/27/2015
CARL, QC - 1/23/2015
"I have had great support from the Radwell group in dealing with my requests and orders."
Dale, BC - 1/22/2015
"Love using you guys! Fast and friendly service, Stephanie and Marcus are always available to help! Thanks! "
Bret, ON - 1/22/2015
"So far cooperation is excellent. I don't have any complains."
Mario - 1/21/2015
"Dropped off units for repair at the NJ facility. Everyone was helpful and polite. The Tech that meet me in the lobby was great, helpful and polite. Response was same day and even called to get the CC info before I could read the Repair Quote. LOVE pro-active customer service!!! Excellent!!"
JOHN, PA, United States - 1/20/2015
"Perfect, Thank you . "
Anne - 1/14/2015
"Very good and helpful"
John - 1/13/2015
"The service provide by our customer services contact, Maureen has been exemplary. She successfully sourced a business critical component from the USA during a challenging holiday period and kept us informed every step of the way. Excellent customer service skills meant that she kept me informed of any issues all hours of the day and night, including New Years’ eve and New Years’ day and I am delighted to say that we received the product today in time for installation this weekend. "
Andrea - 1/7/2015