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"Say thanks to Felicity for the super fast quote. I have used you company a couple of times recently and service has always been spot on. Service and reliability in my business are above price. You guys deliver all three."
Ronnie, UK - 9/1/2015
"Thank YOU in advance. God bless."
GENE, PA, United States - 8/31/2015
"I have absolutely no complaints. I could not ask for better service."
DELL, MI, United States - 8/31/2015
"Impressed with PLC and their customer service."
Scott, ON - 8/28/2015
"Very pleased with the response, will use you again, I'm certain. "
Pat - 8/27/2015
"I really like working with your company...........I sense you guys really do care............Thanks "
Brian, MO, United States - 8/27/2015
"You cannot improve on what Joel does for me. I can count on him every time! Ya'll are amazing at finding things that some of our customers need. Not to mention, a lot of them have half of the info needed to get the correct item, but Joel has come thru time and time again."
"Have done a fair amount of business with you over the last couple years. Quite happy with your service, will continue to be a customer."
ANDREW, HI, United States - 8/27/2015
"I LOVE the website !! Very informative and comprehensive "
Jon, - 8/26/2015
"First time dealing RADWELL. Very helful, friendly repsresentative."
Brian, ON - 8/26/2015
"Paolo is a credit to your organization. He knows what he is doing and he is fast! You can tell he's very customer driven. Do keep this guy - reward as needed. Thank you. "
Preston, AB - 8/26/2015
"Dom is very helpful in making us both $$$!"
"Keep up good work! I like my contact in Canada. He is on the ball- he is Paolo!"
JOHNNY, QC - 8/26/2015
"Keep up the good work. The quote I received was very quick and we will be ordering it from you as soon as we process the paperwork on our end. Its a pleasure doing business with you."
JOHN, MO, United States - 8/25/2015
NANCY, MI, United States - 8/25/2015
"Wow, are your people fast! Matt had a quote in my inbox with 1 minute of our phone conversation. Thanks for the great service."
KEN, OH, UNITED STATES - 8/25/2015
"Great job George!"
TAMMY, SC, United States - 8/24/2015
"Joel is always very helpful and prompt with responses."
SURE CONTROLS, WI, United States - 8/24/2015
"Your website is very easy to navigate. Your prices and inventory are simply amazing. I have been dealing with Rob who is very prompt and professional. "
JAMES, NE, United States - 8/21/2015
"Painless quotation and order processing procedure from start to finish. Shame other companies are not as easy to deal with as yours. "
Terry - 8/21/2015
"We always get a excellent service from your company. Thank you Guy"
Guy, ON - 8/20/2015
"We have sent our second piece of equipment in for repair. Totally satisfied with the service that was provided."
FRED, NY, United States - 8/20/2015
"Your customer service people are great. Have worked with Jayme the most. Thank you"
SHIRLEY, MI, United States - 8/17/2015
"This was the first quote that I have received and it was processed very quickly! Thank you for the quick turn around."
April, ON - 8/17/2015
"You always do a fantastic job. "
Josh, NS - 8/12/2015
"Your agent was very efficient and quickly filled our needs."
LYLE, IA, United States - 8/12/2015
"Cameron continues to provide excellent response time to our requests. It is great to have such a diligent CSR!"
ANGEL, ON - 8/11/2015
"I received a good service. Thanks."
"Gabriela contacted me with in minutes of my request for service and provided me all the information I needed via email while I was on the phone with her. She was very personable and professional. Wish we had more venders like her. "
TONY, CA, United States - 8/6/2015
"George was very helpful, had exactly what I needed, knew what I was asking for, and because of his service, I ordered more today!"
JOHN, MT, United States - 8/6/2015
"Thank you for your prompt response. Now we can evaluate our equipment and make a decision as to replace or repair it. Excellent customer service."
"Rachelle, your rep on the phone who helped me was "awesome". Have not had that type of service on the phone in a long time. Response/quote was in my hands fast. Thank you "
Dave, BC - 8/5/2015
"We are very happy with the first repair work you did for us and hope to build on this. "
Phil , ON - 8/5/2015
"Kim does a very nice job. Pleasant, professional, and responds to any questions or concerns I might have. No real suggestions to add but thought it would be nice to let you know what an exceptional job she has been doing for you."
"Awesome company to deal with !!! Super deal!! "
MARK, NJ, United States - 8/3/2015
"Feed back is very fast!! Excellent service, great team!! Shipping fast! You have a huge variety of materials of all kinds. "
DAVID, QC - 7/31/2015
" I sincerely appreciate yours services!"
JCM , VA, UNITED STATES - 7/30/2015
"Gabriela is my representative. She provides prompt and helpful service that is always appreciated. She is very good at her job and will continue to be one of the main reasons I will use PLC/Radwell"
TRISTAN, MO, United States - 7/30/2015
"Its all good..."
FRANK , OH, United States - 7/29/2015
"I really enjoy your services kindly keep it up. Have a Nice working relationship with you. Lennon "
LENNON - 7/29/2015
"No improvements to suggest- we've had excellent interactions and service from Jayme, Greg, and most recently, Frank. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Radwell and increasing business in the near future."
ERIC, FL, United States - 7/29/2015
"An official quotation was sent to me within 10 minutes of emailing the enquiry over. Excellent service from Christopher."
Leanne - 7/28/2015
"Keep up the good work! "
Scott , ON - 7/27/2015
" We do appreciate the promptness of your response."
CINDY, OK, United States - 7/23/2015
"Great Job! Prices are looking way better now."
ANA, CA, United States - 7/22/2015
"Radwell has been a great service to me."
Pete, NH, United States - 7/21/2015
"Your sales reps are very responsive, no issue there at all. Thank you for quick turnaround and responses!! Your reps are very nice and helpful!!"
BECKY, IN, United States - 7/16/2015
"I really like how easy it is to have our controllers repaired. Thank you very much.."
"I have been extremely satisfied with the service Radwell has given."
MELISSA, TX, United States - 7/14/2015
"It's always a pleasure to be in business with you. You always have what we need, you're fast, and cheap. Exactly what we are looking for. Thanks !!!!"
ALEXIS, TX, United States - 7/14/2015