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"Great first impression."
Laurie, ON - 2/5/2016
"Samantha was very helpful and cheerful."
VINCENT, NJ, United States - 2/4/2016
"I've been working with Radwell for many years now, repairing and buying surplus items. You are definitely the best. You have worked with us in very special and even unusual repairs and always manage to resolve the issues at hand, I like the fact that you do not give up and always do your best. Thank you!"
RAMON, FL, United States - 2/2/2016
"Excellent service! We will be back."
Mike, Ontario - 2/1/2016
"Very good service. Thank you very much "
Pierre, QC - 1/29/2016
"I really was impressed with Lisa's handling of my two pricing requests. She was extremely pleasant and was very willing to help me."
MATT, IL, United States - 1/28/2016
"Pamela your company representative was excellent in her knowledge, recommendations and assistance. Found your service supplied very useful and will return for costs next time we require these types of spare parts Regards David "
David - 1/28/2016
"Très bon service / Very good service "
Maryse, QC - 1/27/2016
"Great customer service by Lynn. Pleasant and helpful"
JIMMY, NJ, United States - 1/26/2016
"No suggestions for improvement. Alex does a fine job. Just keep up the speedy service for delivering quotes. My customers are always in a rush for everything so this makes a big difference in a good way :) "
BEN, ON - 1/25/2016
"George always sends out quotes to me in a very timely manner. "
ANDREW, GA, United States - 1/25/2016
"Keep up the good work."
Adnan, MB - 1/22/2016
" Deanna has gone the extra mile for me... :)"
MICHAEL, NC, United States - 1/21/2016
"Your sales staff always gets back to me in a quick and timely manner."
LEON , NJ, United States - 1/21/2016
"Keep up the good work Cameron! "
Mike, ON - 1/20/2016
"Kudos to Chris...he was incredibly helpful. The service he provided was prompt & professional. Thanks again! "
TROY, MI, United States - 1/20/2016
"Friendly and efficient representatives."
Tim, ON - 1/19/2016
"I really do not have any negative feedback. Robert and Joe have been outstanding! I will miss having Joe as our outside sales representative but I do look forward to working with TJ. I usually 99.9% order direct via email to Robert vs. Online. I prefer having a name and a quick contact behind my orders."
CHRISTINE, PA, United States - 1/19/2016
"Great service, extremely happy! "
KEVIN, GA, United States - 1/19/2016
"Keep Rachelle, she's great & friendly, and was very helpful!"
DAN, BC - 1/15/2016
"Doing a great job!!"
DAP PRODUCTS INC, MD, United States - 1/15/2016
"Thanks so much for your diligence and prompt service, Kimberly! Much appreciated!"
LOURDES , Puerto Rico - 1/14/2016
"So far very pleased. Chuck"
CHUCK, NJ, United States - 1/14/2016
"Keep up what you are doing! I can always depend on Joel to respond quickly, and efficiently. "
"I have no suggestions for improvement! So far so good :)"
Adam, ON - 1/13/2016
"Cameron consistently provides excellent customer service and immediate responses. Greatly appreciated!"
ANGEL , ON - 1/13/2016
"Just and Fair prices. Excellent, instant service. Does't get better than this. "
Francis, QC - 1/12/2016
"Radwell is always prompt in quoting. "
KAYLA , WI, United States - 1/12/2016
"Your business setup appears sound!"
CRAIG, PA, United States - 1/11/2016
"Keep up the good work."
Johannes, AB - 1/6/2016
"Don't get rid of Chris! He has everything I call him for."
PENNY, MD, United States - 1/6/2016
"Promote Felicity, I found Felicity extremely helpful & knowledgeable and there was a calm about her that makes you feel at ease. A credit & asset to your company, which says a lot about your training and professionalism. Great stuff, thanks John"
John - 1/6/2016
"The ordering process was great. Can't wait to get our repair back! Thank you "
BEN, CO, United States - 1/5/2016
"Good Reactivity"
Sophie - 1/4/2016
"Bob was very efficient in replying with a Quote in more than a timely manner. Thanks."
MIKE, VA, United States - 1/4/2016
"Just keep Kim as my rep and we will be just fine!"
"George and Chris are both fantastic!"
KELLI, AL, United States - 12/30/2015
"Thank you. Your service is good even during Christmas time. Is very hard for all companies at this time with staff shortage. Thanks again to Rachelle."
Yanick, QC - 12/29/2015
"Well done. Thank you"
SYLVESTER, FL, United States - 12/28/2015
"We are pleased with the efficiency in your company response to the enquiry we had sent and your response with the offer."
Brad - 12/21/2015
"Excellent response from Christopher keep it going. "
Abdul, - 12/21/2015
"Keep doing what you are doing and thanks for all the help. Maura "
Maura - 12/21/2015
"You guys performed well and happy with the quick response time."
Monty, BC - 12/18/2015
DAVE, TN, United States - 12/17/2015
"Keep up the great work! Congratulations on Germany."
Mike, Ontario - 12/15/2015
"Excellent service from Chris."
Dave - 12/15/2015
"Patrick the person who helped me, gave excellent customer service, very curious, friendly and helpful. I will certainly use you for a few other items I need to order"
Paul - 12/14/2015
"Nice and kind people all together"
Leif - 12/14/2015
"Our sales Representative, Christopher, has been excellent."
MATT, PA, United States - 12/14/2015