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"Keep up the good work"
FRANCISCO, Puerto Rico - 7/1/2015
"TODO PERFECTO (All Perfect)"
HAROLD, FL, United States - 7/1/2015
"I just want to say thank you for being such a reliable source for legacy and obsolete parts repair and supply. Your company has pulled more rabbits out of the hat for me than Houdini!"
James, MA, United States - 6/30/2015
"Keep on keeping on!"
KATHY, FL, United States - 6/26/2015
"Keep up the good work! "
VINCE , FL, United States - 6/25/2015
"Keep doing what you are doing. Kimberly is great!"
YOLANDA, IL, United States - 6/23/2015
"Excellent service, Patrick was very helpfull and made the whole process simple and easy to order thank you very much."
Chris - 6/22/2015
"Very good customer service."
CARLOS EDUARDO CASTRO, TX, United States - 6/22/2015
"Thanks for your help!"
JEFF , OH, United States - 6/19/2015
"Impressed with service. Scott "
Scott, ON - 6/19/2015
"James, I must tell you I am really impressed with such good quality service. Kind, very helpfull and excellent response to what was requested over the phone and very good timing at quoting. I will recommend your site and service to all my collegues on this area."
PEDRO - 6/19/2015
"Great Service, thank you"
Angela - 6/17/2015
"Keep up the fast replies and shipping of product!"
Richard, SK - 6/17/2015
"I am satisfied with your sales staff's co-operation when I request quoting. I am very glad to have a business with your company. "
SEAN, CA, United States - 6/17/2015
"Kellen is a great salesman. He always helps us when needed."
"I have no suggestions. Mike and his team are very prompt and I enjoy working with them."
MEGAN, AL, United States - 6/16/2015
"Thank you Joel!"
TAMMY, VA, United States - 6/12/2015
"I generally get an answer within 24 hours when I email for pricing and such, no problems to report!"
"George is always very responsive and very helpful! "
JEAN, FL, United States - 6/11/2015
"Matt was great with my customer service needs. He was up beat and very helpful and was quick to send me a quote. Great Job! Excellent customer service."
Janice, OH, United States - 6/11/2015
"Kellen is an excellent salesperson! My only "go to guy". Great personal service.."
"Nice going ! George was quick to respond and we are ordering immediately"
ROBERT, NY, United States - 6/9/2015
"Excellent service. Very quick response."
JIM, VA, United States - 6/9/2015
"keep up the escellent service!"
BRYAN, NY, United States - 6/8/2015
"The lady that I spoke to was very helpful, my quote came through really quickly which was really appreciated as everything we do here is an urgent request. Very impressed so far!"
Tracy, - 6/8/2015
"Keep up the good work!"
PATTY, NY, United States - 6/5/2015
"Keep up the good work."
RENNY, OH, United States - 6/3/2015
"I'm sure to visit this site again for repairs and replacements. "
GARY, NY, United States - 6/2/2015
"I love your website. It accurate, has the information we require (price, shpping weight and availability). Usualy I got a discount on prices shown on you website. Good job guys. You rock!"
Sara, TX, United States - 6/2/2015
"Very good people to work with fast and professional"
AUDREY, NE, United States - 6/2/2015
"As end user buyer I can only say that Radwell has always provided excellent service to customers and solutions to vintage process equipment /parts we may find nowhere else. Thank you!"
SERGIO, Chile - 5/27/2015
"Very satisfied with Radwell, never had any problems."
RICK, WI, United States - 5/27/2015
Jean, ON - 5/26/2015
CARL, QC - 5/22/2015
"Give Patrick a promotion and pay rise - he is great publicity for your company."
BILL, UK - 5/22/2015
"Thank you very much for the good service. Joel is a great Sales Rep to our company. We look forward to doing business in the future. "
OLGA , CA, UNITED STATES - 5/21/2015
"Thanks for the kind support for all the times. Really we benefited from PLC center several times, it is the best online service.."
SHAHBAZ, UK - 5/21/2015
"Keep up the good work - was a pleasure to do business with Adam."
Trevor, AB - 5/20/2015
"I would like to mention the service provided by Matt was excellent!"
EDMOND, FL, United States - 5/20/2015
RAY , PA, UNITED STATES - 5/20/2015
"Hello - I would like to take a chance to thank Carly who quickly supplied me the quotation I wanted with minimum fuss but maximum knowledge of the product I was looking for. A credit to your company. Thanks "
Pete - 5/20/2015
"Just wanted to state that Gabriela was excellent in handling my requests. Couldn't ask for better service."
DAVID, MD, United States - 5/19/2015
"Excellent service - I love your website and the concept of being able to source items, supported by very professional customer service on line reps. Thank you.."
Sandra - 5/19/2015
"Gabriela was very helpful."
BRIAN, MO, United States - 5/19/2015
"Felicity was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly."
Mary - 5/19/2015
"Excellent Company."
Rakesh - 5/18/2015
"George is one of the best. Service is so lacking these days it is refreshing to know I can just rely on him! As a member of our quoting and sourcing department I honestly believe you get some of our business solely due to his responsiveness."
NANCY, MI, United States - 5/15/2015
"Fast response time and service."
"Sent my request to about 5 other places but no luck. Found out about you guys from Dave at our Winnipeg branch. 1st time I tried you guys and you were 1st to get back with a answer and quote. Very good job."
Dave, MB - 5/14/2015
"Quick and Easy "
PAUL, KY, United States - 5/11/2015