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"Thank you a lot! "
Lenza - 4/22/2014
"Keep up the good work!"
PATTY, NY, United States - 4/22/2014
"I always get great service from everyone there. Jill does an outstanding job!"
ROD, IL, United States - 4/22/2014
"The sales Rep I deal with is Stephanie. She is Awesome. I used to deal with Ayesha until she was moved to another department. She also was awesome to deal with. No complaints with these 2 CSR's whats so ever. Great Job. Thanks, Diane"
Diane, ON, CA - 4/21/2014
"Keep up the good work."
DJ, UK - 4/17/2014
"Mike does a great job with quick pricing for me!"
ERIK, TN, United States - 4/16/2014
"Great customer service!"
BOB, PA, United States - 4/16/2014
"I've only made a couple of purchases from you so far and everything is good."
RICKY, GA, United States - 4/16/2014
"Radwell always finds a solution to any opportunity that I call with. Thank you and keep up the great work."
TOM, AZ, United States - 4/15/2014
"Pamela was extremely helpful and quick attending our requests. My sincere congratulations on a job well done. And congratulations to Radwell Management or QA department for the interest in finding out about your performance. "
Cesar - 4/15/2014
"Mr. James Sincere and Hardworker. Keep it up. Fast and Best service."
Prasanna - 4/14/2014
"You have good people working for you that respond quickly to me. For that, I will give you more business. I am very pleased with your service. Thank you"
MIKE, PA, United States - 4/14/2014
"Very happy with the service and hope to continue working with your company."
Hamid - 4/14/2014
"I get a hold of Jessica and she helps me out tremendously."
RON, ON - 4/11/2014
"My past experience with PLCC has been highly satisfying."
Muhammad - 4/11/2014
"Patrick is awesome! Friendly and easy to work with."
JOLYN, FL, United States - 4/10/2014
"No suggestion . I really appreciate Sam for his efficiency and constantly providing the support to our company. "
Carlos - 4/9/2014
"Thank you so much for promptly responding."
JESUS, FL, United States - 4/9/2014
"Great Job . All are responsive "
Fadel - 4/8/2014
"Excellent service thanks."
Andrew - 4/8/2014
"Very nice support !!"
Remi, QC - 4/8/2014
"George, my Sales Coordinator, has been a great help and keeps his word. I look forward to working with PLCCnter in the future!"
JOHN, MD, United States - 4/8/2014
"Keep up the good work - thank you"
Ann - 4/7/2014
"Very good!"
ELIAS, NJ, United States - 4/7/2014
"Keep the prices lower than the other suppliers. That's why I am setting up an account! "
JIM, OH, United States - 4/7/2014
"The service rep that I received, Mike, was by far one of the best customer service reps that I have had the pleasure of speaking with. Amazing communication fast response times and amazing pricing. Will defintely be calling Mike if I need anything else at all because I KNOW I will receive 5 star service from him. 10 out of 5 stars from this guy! "
JOSHUA, TN, United States - 4/4/2014
"No suggestions...Keep up the good work!"
HARRIET, GA, United States - 4/3/2014
"As far as my experience goes with your company, things are fine. The people are kind and informative. Thanks"
ARTURO, CA, United States - 4/3/2014
"Very happy with website."
Matthias - 4/3/2014
"Keep up the good work :)"
Daniel - 4/2/2014
"The number of times you folks have saved me over the years when a critical piece of equipment went down is higher than I care to count. Keep up the good work!"
DON, NY, United States - 4/2/2014
"Razan is one of the best sales representative i deal with since the last year. Good Luck Regards, Momen"
Momen - 4/2/2014
"Keep up the good work"
PR, UK - 4/1/2014
"No suggestoions to improve. Excellent job."
BRUCE, PA, United States - 4/1/2014
"Matt does a great job for us. He's literally the reason we come back. My suggestion...give the guy a raise!!"
TIM, WI, United States - 4/1/2014
Steve - 3/28/2014
"Thank you for the prompt response. I will investigate the pricing to see whether it fits within our budget. Excellent customer service, keep up the great work. "
Patrick, - 3/28/2014
"customer services very good, was able to give a quotation as requested,"
Nancy - 3/27/2014
"Keep up the good work."
BILL, CO, United States - 3/27/2014
"Keep up the great service!"
MARIO, CA, United States - 3/27/2014
"Good service from your employee Shane. Very appreciate. "
GEORGES, QC - 3/27/2014
"Excellent service"
PATRICK, UT, United States - 3/26/2014
"Keep up the good work."
RANDY, MI, United States - 3/26/2014
"I am very impressed with the immediate and efficient response I got from Matt. Hopefully we will be doing a lot of business with him in the future. My compliments on the prompt response. "
Ejaz - 3/24/2014
"Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I won't forget the great service that I received from you. Have a great week!"
Ileen, AB - 3/24/2014
"Great service.. Great prices..AND I actually got the email I was promised :)"
ARON, AR, United States - 3/24/2014
"Thank you Kellen!"
MATIAS, TX, United States - 3/24/2014
"Keep up the good work."
FRED, IL, United States - 3/24/2014
"Just keep doing what your doing, it's working great!! "
BERNADINE, CO, United States - 3/24/2014
"Service has been top notch I am very satisified."
JAMES, AZ, United States - 3/24/2014