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"Nothing to suggest to improve..everyone has been great to work with. Merry Christmas.."
MIKE, WI, UNITED STATES - 12/18/2014
"All sales staff have been extremely helpful in sourcing my requirements over the past few months, excellent service and prompt response / delivery, i look forward to continuing buisness with Radwell. Regards, Graham."
Graham - 12/17/2014
"So far so good! Nice (and quite rare nowadays)to deal with helpful and friendly people at the end of the phone."
Heidi - 12/17/2014
"Christmas bonus for Patrick - he maintained a very good level of informative communication and ensured that our requirement and payment options were handled swiftly and expertly. Well Done!"
Jonathan - 12/16/2014
"Sebastian is one of the few people I've dealt with who is prompt with quotes, follows up and is really helpful. Kerry "
Kerry - 12/16/2014
"Cameron has been awesome to deal with. Thank you for your help :)"
Tracey , AB - 12/12/2014
"You company has always done great work for us at Moody Price. We use you as much as possible. Thanks "
Thomas, AR, United States - 12/12/2014
"I am happy with your services:)"
LEIA, ON - 12/12/2014
"Very Good. "
ALEXANDR - 12/12/2014
JOAN, PA, United States - 12/11/2014
"No suggestions for improvement. All is well...."
PATTI , IN, UNITED STATES - 12/10/2014
"We appreciate your services, your customer care is excellent."
Oscar, CA, United States - 12/8/2014
"You guys got the order because Michael was on it? Thank you!"
DAVID, TN, United States - 12/8/2014
"You are just exellent."
Valentina - 12/5/2014
"Thanks you Mario"
Tommy, - 12/4/2014
"You have one of the best staffs in the industry! I find myself using you guys more and more every month. "
"Thanks for your help!"
Daniel, TN, United States - 12/4/2014
"Keep up the great work! You were out of stock on a part that was needed rushed. Joel found one and is shipping as quickly as possible. Excellent service! "
NIC, CA, United States - 12/3/2014
" Very polite and helpful staff."
Allan - 12/3/2014
"Servicio muy bueno. Nada que decir. Muchas gracias."
Evelyne - 12/3/2014
"Good morning, I had a pleasure talking with Mr. Goodman. I was very pleased by service provided. James was very professional and helpful. To my mind that is the service I would recommend. Best regards, Tomas "
Tomas - 11/28/2014
"Fantastic "
Sergio - 11/27/2014
"Devin is very good @ what he does... cheers "
GREG, ON, Canada - 11/26/2014
"Everything was great. This is a spare part and we are in the process of trying to decide if we can justify sticking this kind of money on the shelf. We are currently collecting quotes to replace this entire system in the next couple of years. Will let you know if we decide to buy a new part from you within a week or so. Thank you for your help. Joe S."
Joe, ND, United States - 11/26/2014
"Always helpful service - quick and painless"
RENEE, MN, United States - 11/25/2014
"Great help, Speedy and very friendly Much appreciated."
Chris - 11/25/2014
"Excellent service from Kirsty. Friendly and helpful."
Ross - 11/24/2014
"Outstanding service."
ANGEL, Puerto Rico - 11/24/2014
"Very good no need to change anything. "
Les - 11/24/2014
"Great job well done! Thank you!"
TIM, NJ, United States - 11/24/2014
"Nichole is absolutely awesome in customer service and very prompt in answering all my inquiries.. She also has a great telephone manner Brenda "
Brenda, ON - 11/24/2014
"Dear Brian, thank you for quoting us. Special thanks to Nichole.. "
REEVA, ON - 11/21/2014
"Hello and thanks for helping me. I have only used Radwell 3 times so far. Radwell has now bailed me out of rather bad situations twice with this third time possibly saving me thousands of $$$. Thanks for being there!"
MARK, ID, United States - 11/21/2014
"You sales Representative Mr. Sebastian is an absolute gentleman, a very nice human being and very co-operative. "
Muhammad - 11/20/2014
"First time I have had the pleasure of meeting someone from here was this morning."
SYDNEY, NE, United States - 11/19/2014
"Keep doing what your doing-great job."
ROGER, MN, United States - 11/19/2014
"every thing looks good so far time will tell when we get back our equipment hope all goes well"
DAVE, Alberta - 11/19/2014
"It is really amasing your early responce. it is very helpful in processing. "
Dasun - 11/18/2014
"Could you please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your area sales manager Jamie A first class, prompt, professional and personal service A true asset to your company Carl "
Carl - 11/18/2014
"Matt:Your level of service was excellent. You offered a hard copy quote without me having to ask, and you sent it promptly. What more could a company ask of it's customer service folks. "
MIKE, SC, United States - 11/18/2014
"Keep up the good work"
AZ, UNITED STATES - 11/18/2014
Scott - 11/17/2014
"Tip of the hat to Joel for his help, quick response, and completeness of quote. "
"Great lead time from requesting quote and actually having it in hand. I would like to suggest keeping up the awesome performance."
ALLIANCE, MO, United States - 11/17/2014
"Thanks for all your assistance in the past."
BILL, TX, United States - 11/17/2014
"Your staff was very professional and I recovered an email quote in my email within a few minutes of speaking with a sales rep. I am thankful that you warranty your work and I hope you can fix my PC1 board."
CULLEN, GA, United States - 11/17/2014
"Mike was very helpful, from locating our account to the product. Everything went smooth !!!"
JOYCE, TX, United States - 11/13/2014
"Can't fault the service, speedy response. very helpful."
Ken, - 11/13/2014
" Michael is an excellent inside sales person."
GARY , AR, United States - 11/12/2014
"At the moment the service is excellent and there is nothing else that needs to change."
Eddie - 11/5/2014