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" I sincerely appreciate yours services!"
JCM , VA, UNITED STATES - 7/30/2015
"No improvements to suggest- we've had excellent interactions and service from Jayme, Greg, and most recently, Frank. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Radwell and increasing business in the near future."
ERIC, FL, United States - 7/29/2015
"Keep up the good work! "
Scott , ON - 7/27/2015
" We do appreciate the promptness of your response."
CINDY, OK, United States - 7/23/2015
"Great Job! Prices are looking way better now."
ANA, CA, United States - 7/22/2015
"Radwell has been a great service to me."
Pete, NH, United States - 7/21/2015
"Your sales reps are very responsive, no issue there at all. Thank you for quick turnaround and responses!! Your reps are very nice and helpful!!"
BECKY, IN, United States - 7/16/2015
"Thank you. Great Phone Support."
ERIC, NJ, United States - 7/15/2015
"Kellen and his team are great! I send out an email for a price quote, and I have never had to wait for a response. Kellen and Matt are just a great team and a great asset to your company. Please let them know that I appreciate all that they do, I am sure it is not always easy on the other end of the computer or phone.. "
RENEE, NY, United States - 7/15/2015
"Radwell is a great company that I'm glad to do business with."
DMITRI, NJ, United States - 7/14/2015
"We have been experiencing quick service for sales and services we've requested. Turn around time for repair items has been excellent."
Herb, BC - 7/14/2015
"It's always a pleasure to be in business with you. You always have what we need, you're fast, and cheap. Exactly what we are looking for. Thanks !!!!"
ALEXIS, TX, United States - 7/14/2015
"I really like how easy it is to have our controllers repaired. Thank you very much.."
"I have been extremely satisfied with the service Radwell has given."
MELISSA, TX, United States - 7/14/2015
"We have always had great success with everything you have done. "
JOHN, GA, United States - 7/13/2015
"Razan is fantastic, very helpful and efficient a credit to your company."
George - 7/10/2015
"Excellent response and service"
SOM, - 7/10/2015
"Great Job!"
Ilcho - 7/9/2015
"Keep up the excellent work."
Mario, QC - 7/8/2015
"Thanks for having A Canadian branch. It is nice to not have worries about border delays and costs when ordering. Rachelle was excellent to deal with."
JON, ON - 7/7/2015
"Paolo was excellent at helping me process our order. I am hoping we can continue to do business with you in the future."
Lorraine, ON - 7/6/2015
"If even 25% of my usual reps were even 1/2 as responsive and helpful as you, my day would be a whole lot easier."
BRAIN, MO, United States - 7/6/2015
"Keep up the Good Work."
"Keep up the good work"
FRANCISCO, Puerto Rico - 7/1/2015
"TODO PERFECTO (All Perfect)"
HAROLD, FL, United States - 7/1/2015
"I just want to say thank you for being such a reliable source for legacy and obsolete parts repair and supply. Your company has pulled more rabbits out of the hat for me than Houdini!"
James, MA, United States - 6/30/2015
"Keep on keeping on!"
KATHY, FL, United States - 6/26/2015
"Keep up the good work! "
VINCE , FL, United States - 6/25/2015
"Keep doing what you are doing. Kimberly is great!"
YOLANDA, IL, United States - 6/23/2015
"Excellent service, Patrick was very helpfull and made the whole process simple and easy to order thank you very much."
Chris - 6/22/2015
"Very good customer service."
CARLOS EDUARDO CASTRO, TX, United States - 6/22/2015
"Thanks for your help!"
JEFF , OH, United States - 6/19/2015
"Impressed with service. Scott "
Scott, ON - 6/19/2015
"James, I must tell you I am really impressed with such good quality service. Kind, very helpfull and excellent response to what was requested over the phone and very good timing at quoting. I will recommend your site and service to all my collegues on this area."
PEDRO - 6/19/2015
"Great Service, thank you"
Angela - 6/17/2015
"Keep up the fast replies and shipping of product!"
Richard, SK - 6/17/2015
"I am satisfied with your sales staff's co-operation when I request quoting. I am very glad to have a business with your company. "
SEAN, CA, United States - 6/17/2015
"Kellen is a great salesman. He always helps us when needed."
"I have no suggestions. Mike and his team are very prompt and I enjoy working with them."
MEGAN, AL, United States - 6/16/2015
"Thank you Joel!"
TAMMY, VA, United States - 6/12/2015
"I generally get an answer within 24 hours when I email for pricing and such, no problems to report!"
"George is always very responsive and very helpful! "
JEAN, FL, United States - 6/11/2015
"Matt was great with my customer service needs. He was up beat and very helpful and was quick to send me a quote. Great Job! Excellent customer service."
Janice, OH, United States - 6/11/2015
"Kellen is an excellent salesperson! My only "go to guy". Great personal service.."
"Nice going ! George was quick to respond and we are ordering immediately"
ROBERT, NY, United States - 6/9/2015
"Excellent service. Very quick response."
JIM, VA, United States - 6/9/2015
"keep up the escellent service!"
BRYAN, NY, United States - 6/8/2015
"The lady that I spoke to was very helpful, my quote came through really quickly which was really appreciated as everything we do here is an urgent request. Very impressed so far!"
Tracy, - 6/8/2015
"I love your website. It accurate, has the information we require (price, shpping weight and availability). Usualy I got a discount on prices shown on you website. Good job guys. You rock!"
Sara, TX, United States - 6/2/2015
"Very good people to work with fast and professional"
AUDREY, NE, United States - 6/2/2015