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Largest surplus inventory in the world
2 year warranty, plus save 50 to 70% on all surplus

PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus1 At Radwell International, we offer huge savings to our customers by providing more than 8 million individual industrial electronic surplus items available from one source.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus2 Radwell International warehouses millions of dollars of surplus product, ready for shipment to you.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus3 An extremely well designed process is used to carefully receive items into the warehouse.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus4 All item/part information is verified and checked to confirm proper advertising on PLCCenter.com.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus5 All items are digitally photographed for inventory and for display on PLCCenter.com.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus6 Items are then barcoded for inventory management.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus All barcoded items are placed into a barcoded bin which is placed onto a barcoded shelf.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus8 After you purchase your item, it is removed from its bin location and scanned out of inventory.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus9 Your items are placed on a motorized conveyor for transportation to the QA Department.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus10 PLCCenter Processing then checks all documents and compares them to your order prior to allowing the item(s) to continue to the QA department.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus11 Your item(s) are assigned to a qualified technician. The technician utilizes some of the 1,200+ automated test fixtures for final testing and inspection.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus12 Example: servo drives, servo motors, OIT/MMI, PLCs, controls and boards are all fully tested with automated test assets.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus13 Your item(s) are scanned and checked again for excellence by the QA Department and are then transferred to Shipping via a motorized conveyor.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus14 Shipping takes great care in determining the best packaging to assure a safe journey to your location.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus15 One method is Automated Skin Packaging which is utilized for increased protection.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus16 Another method is the Instapak® packaging, which protects larger products during shipment.
PLCCenter_Radwell_Surplus17 The unit is placed on the motorized shipping conveyor and is ready for immediate shipment.