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Industrial electronic repair

Plccenter.com has over 2,400 test fixtures covering the most popular brands; such as Allen Bradley and Siemens, plus thousands of other manufacturers. We also have over 100 technicians, a state of the art servo motor shop and a separate 70,000 sq ft CNC repair facility.

Plccenter.com provides the most extensive range of services and test capabilities for the automation industry. From single items to total repair management, Plccenter.com can support and enhance your operations. We coordinate all your Repairs, arrange for free weekly pick up*, all repairs come standard with a 2 year warranty and all repairs are done within the one of the Radwell International facilities (*where available)

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Our repair flow

radwell_repair1 Your unit starts its journey on Conveyor #1, where it is transported from receiving to the Repair Entry Team.
radwell_repair2 All documents that arrive with your repair are scanned into our computerized “Spectrum” tracking system.
radwell_repair3 Your unit is photographed and a digital image is attached to the record.
radwell_repair4 Your unit is barcoded so that it can be
tracked through the repair process.
radwell_repair5 A free repair evaluation starts at the end of Conveyor #2. Engineers completely review your unit to determine the proper repair process and testing to be utilized by the Technical Teams.
radwell_repair6 When your unit reaches Conveyor #3, the service writer contacts you with a repair estimate and delivery schedule. Upon your approval, the unit will be repaired.
radwell_repair7 Your unit moves to the Technician Service Area via a drop table for immediate assignment.
radwell_repair8 Any conformal coating/clear coat is removed via CCR 2000 workstations.
radwell_repair9 No expense has been spared. The latest technology is used to determine
component failure.
repair10 With a parts inventory of over 750,000 pieces at a value of $2.2 million, Radwell
technicians will have what they need to complete your repair at industry leading speed.
radwell_repair11 A pneumatic tube system delivers parts from inventory directly to the technician.
radwell_repair12 Highly qualified technicians replace components and complete preventive maintenance.
radwell_repair13 More than 1,200 documented test fixtures are available for final testing and inspection of your unit.
radwell_repair14 Example: Diagnostic and performance testing is completed on all servo motors repaired by Radwell’s Technical Teams.
radwell_repair15 Units requiring NIST traceability can be calibrated in our Cal Lab.
radwell_repair16 Quality Assurance has the final look at all repairs. When they are satisfied with the repair and all paperwork is correct, the unit will enter shipping via Conveyor #4.
radwell_repair17 The unit arrives in shipping via a drop table and is automatically assigned the type of custom packaging required.
radwell_repair18 Spray Foam machines are used to protect larger pieces of equipment. Custom Radwell boxes are available with or without Radwell logos.
radwell_repair19 Smaller units are skin packed and boxed in special perforated cartons. Skin packed units are rugged and allow for secure shipments.
radwell_repair20 Your unit takes its final ride at Radwell on Conveyor #5 and is ready for immediate shipment.